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Killer Croc

Killer Croc is a supervillain of DC Comics as well as one of Batman's enemies. He was a Crocodillian Man who murdererd and consumed innocent people. He always wanted to eat Batman. 

Waylon Jones was born with an extreme form of the medical condition, Epidermoyltic Hyperkeratosis, which caused his appearance to transform into a Crocodillian Man. He was bullied as a kid with no friends and soon after being convicted for murder, he joined the carnival in wrestling alligators. He was a winner in it and soon had the name; Killer Croc. Even then, his strength level was beyond of an average Human. Croc realized that there was more money to be made from crime, so he set out to become Gotham's most powerful underground figure. 



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Powers and AbilitesEdit

can swim fast and breathe under water, super strength, can grow back lost limbs, enhanced sense of smell, and his skin is almost inpenetrable.Edit


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