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Leon S. Kennedy with his Sniper Rifle

Leon S Kennedy is one of the main characters of Resident Evil.


Raccoon City IncidentEdit


Operation JavierEdit

Los IlluminadosEdit

Harvardville and WilPharmaEdit

Eastern Slav RepublicEdit

C-Virus OutbreakEdit

the C-Virus (Corona-Virus) outbreak was quite a tough one for Leon S. Kennedy and it is not quite over yet so we do not yet know the results of the events that are currently occuring.

Return to DutyEdit


He's basically an action movie hero much like John McClane (Die Hard) or Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones). He always spits out cheesy one liners at any given opportunity that are sure to give anyone a quick chuckle like; "Where's everyone going? Bingo?". He is also very much a hero type, he always tries to do his best to solve any situation and save as many people as possible but he is smart enough that he can tell who to trust and who not to trust (most of the time).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He has quite a large arsenal of weapons but he doesn't always rely on guns as ammo can be scarce so he has also trained to have a very strong kick which can knock enemies right off their feet and sometimes even blow their heads up. He is human however so he is not completely invincible although it seems he can escape predicaments fairly unscathed.


Claire RedfieldEdit

Moments after meeting Claire, Leon struck a friendship with her and became close friends with Claire. Leon seemed to care for her as he did everything he could to protect her in the Raccoon City Incident. 

Ada WongEdit

Leon displayed a great amount of emotion for Ada at the time of her "death". Their relationship is very complicated, despite there being some kind of bond between the two. Both have been shown to help each other multiple times, with each having feeling for the other. Despite this, Ada had no problem using Leon to further her own goals. However, Leon doesn't seem to hold this against her. He seems smitten with her, going as far to tell Ashley that Ada will always be "a part of me I can't let go".

Ingrid HunniganEdit

Leon has shown to flirt with any woman he encounters including Hunnigan. Leon started to hit on her but she playfully rejected his advances due to him still being "on duty".

Luis SeraEdit

Leon struck a friendship with Luis and Luis did everything he could to help Leon and Ashley even risking his life to do so. After Saddler murdered him for his betrayal, Leon mourned over his death and was greatly saddened. 

Chris RedfieldEdit

Leon seemed to be friends with Chris. But Leon even fought him in order to protect Ada.


Leon seemed to show respect for Mike when he supported Leon by taking out enemies using his helicopter. Leon was saddened when Saddler had him killed, vowing to make Saddler pay in order to avenge both Luis and Mike.

Adam BenfordEdit

Leon was close friends with Adam. Benford tells Leon that he values their relationship, and Loen referring to him on a first-name basis several times. Before Adam became the President, he was one of the only people Leon had ever confided in about what he went through during the Raccoon City Incident. He admitted to Adam that he found it hard to find hope, and had even contemplated committing suicide to get out of the situation, making Adam one of the few people to whom Leon has shown some form of vulnerability.

Jack KrauserEdit

Leon respected Krauser as a friend and a soldier. But Krauser betrayed him for Wesker, causing the two to fight in a knife duel and later even a shootout. Leon defeated him at a tower and even nearly killed him, to which Ada finished him off. Leon and Krauser were shown to be good in teamwork.

Derek C. SimmonsEdit

Ashley GrahamEdit

Javier HidalgoEdit

Manuela HidalgoEdit

Osmund SaddlerEdit

Ramon SalazarEdit

Bitores MendezEdit

Helena HarperEdit

Shiry BirkinEdit

William BirkinEdit

Anette BirkinEdit


Alexander KozachenkoEdit

Body Count Edit

  • Back Seat Zombie: Died when Leon and Claire crashed the car they were in. Infected with T-Virus.
  • William Birkin: Ran over by a Train with the help of Leon, Claire and Sherry. Infected with G-Virus.
  • Hilda Hidalgo: Both Leon and Krauser shot her until her death. Infected with T-Veronica Virus.
  • Javier Hidalgo: Help killed him. Infected with T-Veronica Virus.
  • First Villager: Shot to death. Infected with Las Plagas.
  • Bitores Mendez: Shot to death until he is halved. Infected with Las Plagas.
  • Ramon Salazar: Shot to death. Infected with Las Plagas.
  • Jack Krauser: Knifed to death. Partially infected with Las Plagas.
  • Osmund Saddler: Shot with a Special RPG. Infected with Las Plagas.
  • Curtis Miller: Shot in the head and blown up. Infected with G-Virus.
  • Mr. Chenkov: Stabbed with Scissors. Infected with Las Plagas.
  • JD: Killed by Leon. Infected with Las Plagas.
  • Adam Benford: Shot. Infected with C-Virus.
  • Derek C. Simmons: Impaled. Infected with C-Virus.


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